Monday, October 29, 2007

Only Nikes for my guys

Note: Here’s another guest post from my friend Saul Colt, otherwise known as the Smartest Man in the World...

Before I had kids I used to see people in the mall shopping for toddler-sized leather jackets and other items that their kids would wear and outgrow and I just couldn’t wrap my finger around it.

I swore I would never be “that guy” and my kids would wear whatever I buy them and that stuff would be practical.

Well I am here to say that I “slipped” I swore up and down that I wouldn’t do this but my passion for sneakers and my love of nostalgia got the better of me and this past week I purchased my four-year-old his first pair of Nike Air Jordan’s (Retro 3s for those keeping score at home). And because I couldn’t buy for one and not the other, my three-year-old got his first pair of Nike Air Force Ones (AF1 Toronto Model).

Both love the shoes and I have to admit I get a weird thrill (not a sexual one so wipe that from your head) seeing them in the same shoes I wear every day so I guess being “that guy” isn’t so bad...but they still are not getting leather jackets!

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  1. Anonymous2:54 am

    They're so cute! Well, never say never. They look like a great purchase. How much?


  2. The shoes cost me $45. Not crazy expensive but not cheap either. I rationalize it by knowing they are getting proper foot support :)



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