Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekly Wish - checking out L’Oréal Fashion Week

This week I wanted to do something really decadent... I wanted to head downtown to Nathan Phillips Square and check out L’Oréal Fashion Week. It’s the first year they’re trying something new and making local fashion more accessible to the general public.

I even had plans to meet some of my cool TFBB friends today. They’ve been hanging around down there all week - some have even been lucky enough to attend some of the “By Invitation Only” events.

As they say, some of the best laid plans...

So, instead of going there myself, this week I’m wishing for something a bit different. I’m wishing for those of you lucky kids out there who schmoozed with Toronto’s pretty people at the shows, parties and just hanging around, to share your stories and links to your photos, right here at Bargainista. Leave a comment. Send me a guest post, send me a link to your flickr album. I’m there!

Tags: L’Oréal Fashion Week, TFBB, Toronto Fashion Week


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  2. It was fun! Here are my pics:


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