Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shopping for that special someone

Note: I hope you enjoy this guest post from my friend Saul Colt, otherwise known as the Smartest Man in the World. He’s got a great sense of humour, is no stranger to shopping and has a wealth of ideas for improving customer experience.

Ya know how in most marriages there is that one “thing” that makes the people in the relationship sooooo different?

For me and my wife it is the love of shopping. Now you are probably thinking I am that husband who goes to the mall kicking and screaming but I actually love to shop (just typing that can get my “man card” taken away but I don’t care) and it is my wife who enters the mall looking acting like her hair is on fire. Because of this I tend to just bring stuff home for her to check out.

Shopping for the opposite sex is fun since it allows me to make inappropriate comments to the ladies helping me in the store like “If this [ladies] pant suit doesn’t fit me can I bring this back” and “How do you think size 14 pumps will look with this” and of course the phrase I have not actually used but saw in a movie “you are about my wife’s size....can you try this on for me”...I thought about it once and then realized I am just not “that guy”.

One thing I learned pretty early from shopping for my wife is that she and I don’t share the same taste in clothes....and this is the real reason I am writing this blog entry..... If anyone is interested in a fire engine red pair of ladies suit/work pants in a size 6 drop me a note at my blog:

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