Thursday, May 22, 2008

NutriSytem: maintaining the (behaviour) modification

The NutriSystem journey continues. Tamsin weighs in this week with her thoughts about staying on track while trying to maintain her current weight.

The good people at NutriSystem Canada continue to encourage us - they offered to help Eden and I transition back to grocery-store foods by continuing NutriSystem on a maintenance basis. NutriSystem Canada doesn’t offer an official maintenance program yet (its US counterpart does), so we are starting to eat NutriSystem foods a couple of times a week while slowly introducing non-NS home-cooked meals.

The best of both worlds? Let the maintenance begin!

After 3 months of continuous NutriSystem, I find myself automatically planning my meals and thinking before eating (well, except for a certain time of the month when I *do* allow myself free reign). I was always a try-anything and eat-as-much-as-I-like eater, so “portion control” and “meal planning” are new behaviours for me.

So, now that I am eating NS a couple of days a week, how have I managed in my own real-world kitchen with my husband's Twinkies in the cupboard, steak on the BBQ, and ice cream in freezer?

I’m not going to lie: I’m still tempted. Especially as I’m feeling thinner and more confident. You know, it’s so easy to indulge when you are happy! The little temptress on my shoulder whispers, “You look great! What's a cheeseburger and bowl of Ben and Jerry's gonna hurt!?”

Fortunately, my good sense kicks in. After all, our weight loss was well-earned, and there’s simply no point letting our new waists go to waste. :)

I’m striving to maintain the protein intake that NutriSystem provides by restricting my breakfast to fantastic fruit smoothies (I most enjoy strawberry-banana or mango -- sometimes indulging in chocolate!)

I’m continuing to eat often. With full-time NutriSystem, I was always eating. Fruit snacks, entrees, yummy NS desserts, lunch bars. On my own, I am learning about the Glycemic Index that NutriSystem is based on and incorporating more “good carbs” with low GI values in my diet to help keep my blood sugar levels stable and my appetite in check. I’ve even ordered some GI recipe books from the library. I was so excited to see some of my favourite food on the Low GI list -- fresh salsa, chicken breast with spinach, cottage cheese, stir frys, red peppers, edamame.

What are your cravings? How often do you indulge them? I’d love to read your tips on curbing your cravings!

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  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Hi Eden,
    It's Megan from NutriSystem. Congratulations on achieving your goals on the program. It seems you really have a great handle on this whole situation. Best of luck with your maintenance program. We can't wait to hear more.


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