Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tip of the Week: RedFlagDeals launches garage sale locator launched a cool new feature perfect for this time of year. It’s called a Garage Sale Locator and allows you to search for garage sales, moving sales and yard sales across Canada with a few clicks of the mouse.

All you need to do is enter your postal code, the distance you’d travel to shop at a sale in 5 pre-set increments ranging from 5 km to 100km, and the date you want to go garage sale shopping and the garage sale locator will generate a list for you. The list can also be bookmarked on the site for future reference. It’s printer friendly too so you can take it along with you.

I love garage sales and wish I had more time to spend checking them out. There is one enhancement I’d like to see. Instead of a pick list for distances, I wish I could enter any distance I like. 5 KM is almost too big a range for me. In densely populated neighbourhoods like mine, there are usually tonnes of garage sales every weekend this month and next. A 1 KM option would suit me just fine.

The garage sale locator will also let you list your garage sale for FREE!

Share your garage sale tips.


  1. This is really interesting... Here's a question, is it ok for people to put half-used bottles of shampoo and the like on the sale?

  2. Henna, putting half-used bottles of shampoo and other products in a garage sale is just wrong!


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