Friday, May 09, 2008

Tip of the Week - Ask about price adjustments

I went to Club Monaco to show my friend the new suit I bought last week. I wanted to try the skirt on again along with another one size smaller because I wasn’t sure I ended up with the right size. Well, I’m between two sizes. I’m keeping the larger one and having it altered.

Lucky I stopped by. Last week they told me they’d be getting new merchandise in this week. I asked if the suit would be going on sale. I was told absolutely not because they didn’t carry a lot of women’s suits and it was a hot item.

Of course the skirt was on sale (the jacket stayed at regular price). The salesperson who helped me told me they didn’t offer price adjustments. What a pain because I could buy another skirt in the same size at the sale price and return the one I bought last week. Seemed a bit dumb for several reasons – more paperwork, inventory removed from the floor etc.

She was wrong! I went up to the cash and there in black and white was the store policy. Price adjustments are offered on regular-priced merchandise if it goes on sale within 14 days and you bring in your bill within that time. I went home, got my bill, went back and sure enough within minutes, $45 was refunded to my credit card.

Bottom line:
Hold on to your bills. Chain stores in particular often offer price adjustments on newly marked-down merchandise.

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