Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google is 10 today!

Google is 10 years old today, just a couple weeks younger than my little guy. I can’t imagine life before he came on the scene and that’s how I feel about Google. I love them both in very different ways.

Can you even imagine a day without Google? I can’t. For the past 10 years, it’s helped make our lives easier by giving us all kinds of incredible online tools – and all of them are free!

Even if you don’t shop online, I’m sure you do you research here first. Do you think that would still be the case if it weren’t for Google?

How Google has changed your shopping habits?
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  1. Hi Eden:

    I can't believe Google is ten years old, as I remember a Net without them and I remember responding to Google's early buzz by telling people Direct Hit is even better and Ask Jeeves was more fun. I also remember trying to convince Toronto companies of SEO back in 1999 and having zero luck so I gave up.

    On a more Bargainista note, I was wondering Eden if you have ever had any luck with Google's Froogle?

  2. Hi Glen,
    Me neither. Was there a time when you weren't ahead of the curve?
    I tried Froogle years ago when it was in beta but I haven't used it since then. Maybe it's time to give it another whirl.


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