Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wii Fit may be just what I need

Even before it hit store shelves last May, I had every intention of trying out the Wii Fit the first chance I could get. Knowing it would be next to impossible to actually find one when they came on the market, I did something I’ve never done before. I used my twitter connections to find the PR company Nintendo hired to oversee the Canadian launch. Birdman Dodd was a great help.

As luck would have it, Shannon Morton from APEX PR introduced herself to me at mesh. She had read my weekly wish and offered me a loaner. Unfortuately, I succumbed to an injury and wasn't allowed to use it until I recovered. Lucky for me, the offer was still good months later.

After my recent weight loss, I needed to get exercising again so you can imagine how excited I was (as was the rest of my family) when the Wii Fit arrived. I was hoping it would be something we could all use. My kids couldn't wait to try it out but the novelty wore off quickly after they tested out the various activities (aerobics, yoga, strengthening, balance). Mr. B. had pretty much the same response. I have a bit of a Wii-phobia and kept on putting it off.

I stared at it for a long time before I actually gave it a whirl and I have to say, the activities weren't as well executed as other Wii games and activities. However, it's ability to provide fitness tests, track my progress, yoga lessons and weight loss goals are impressive.

The balance board doubles as a scale and an accurate one at that. I was pleased to learn that my Body Mass Index (BMI) is now in the normal range –– yipee! I wasn't as pleased to learn I had gained a few pounds since I last stepped on a scale. At least it was nothing major.

My fitness test results were pretty scary ’cause I'm in bad shape –– at least I can do something about that. Aerobics and yoga were my favourites. I regret not trying skiing. I learned I suck at balance activities.

While I wasn’t as wowed as expected, I am sold. Nintendo is also producing new activities for Wii Fit so people don’t get bored of doing the same exercises over and over again. Although there are lots of Wii Fit accessories on store shelves, the actual game is still hard to find even four months after it’s release. (Psst, if you don’t tell anyone, you may want to try Toy Town – this hidden gem started selling Nintendo accessories about a year ago. ☺)

Have you tried Wii Fit? If so, does it work for you?
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  1. Anonymous8:25 am

    Glad to see your review. I haven't tried it, but have been wondering if it would be a good alternative on the days when it's too cold/snowy to get to the gym. I'll let you know if I get one!

  2. I'm not sure your Wii Fit workout would have the same intensity as the one you have at the gym but you'd probably enjoy it just the same. If you do get one, let me know what you think.

    Unlike most Wii games, I haven't heard of Wii Fit being available for rent. Too bad because you'd be able to try before you buy.

  3. After months of looking, we finally found -- and immediately bought -- a Wii Fit at Shoppers Drug Mart, of all places.

    Some of the pilates exercises can be quite intense -- ie you will break a sweat -- while some others are just plain fun (ski jumping, soccer-ball heading). It won't replace my regular trips to the gym but on days when it's too cold/snowy to go out, or when the gym is closed for holidays, or when I'm stuck at home with a newborn, it will definitely come in handy!

  4. Jen, Yep you did the right thing - salespeople have repeatedly told me to buy them when you see them otherwise it may take weeks before another opportunity comes along. Guess I'm going to have to get one soon. ;-)


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