Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Escape the Mall Challenge (for charity) – part 4: young girl

So, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know I was given a nice chunk of change ($1,000) from PayPal. My task, go shopping for five family members and friends, spend $500 online using PayPal and $500 at the mall buying comparable gifts.

Here’s the run down of gifts for a young girl:

What: Groovy Girl: Fayla Fairy Doll ($15.95) + Fayla Fairy Dress Up Outfit $34.95
Where: honeybunch
Cost: $65.38 ($15.95 Groovy Girl: Fayla Fairy Doll + $34.95 Dress Up Outfit + $6.95 shipping + taxes)

In Store
What: Corolle Les Chéries Camille Doll (Best Toy Award platinum winner, $49.95, note it’s $26.95 online but they don’t have the special addition I found in the store) and Les Chéries denim set ($28.95, note it’s $26.95 online)
Where: Indigo, Yorkdale
Cost: $70.04 ($37.42, 49.95 @ 25% off discount coupon Les Chéries Corolle Doll and $28.95 Outfit – $5 promotional discount + taxes)

I shopped with a little four-year-old family fried in mind. I checked out a few different Canadian-owned smaller online stores. There were some wonderful handcrafted toys and other goodies you just don’t see at the mall. Problem is, they really ding you on shipping costs. honeybunch seemed to have the best shipping rates. I would have saved $5 on my order had I registered for their email newsletter. The package arrived on December 15.

Indigo was my first stop at Yorkdale. I arrived with a 25% off coupon for any single item in the store and I was greeted by a salesperson who handed me another coupon for $5 off my purchase. I had every intention of buying the same items at Indigo but when I saw the Corolle doll and outfit and factored in the two coupons plus no shipping, I decided to upgrade and go for the award winner instead. Despite expecting a long line-up based on two earlier visits this season, when I got to the cash, there was only one person in front of me and it moved quickly. I was super excited about this purchase because I felt with the discounts I was able to get a much better quality doll and outfit for $5 more than the purchase online until…

I received the package from honeybunch. You see I wasn’t shopping as smartly as I usually d0. This was the last gift I bought online and I spent much longer than I anticipated. I knew I still had money left in the budget so when I was at the checkout and a suggestion for an outfit appeared, I ordered it too. I didn’t look to see what I was buying and assumed it was an outfit for the doll. Much to my surprise, I was delighted to see a thank you note when I opened the box offering me 10% off my next purchase. Then I found the Groovy Girl inside bright yellow tissue paper along with a matching Fayla Fairy outfit for a little girl. What four-year-old doesn’t like to play dress-up or like the idea of having a matching doll?

This was definitely a win-win situation in each instance.

Donated to: SickKids Dec. 21
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