Thursday, February 01, 2007

Girls are geeks too!

I don't know if I'm a geek but I've attended two Geek Dinners, most recently on January 25.

Kathryn Lagden, Doug Walker, Michael Seaton and Mitch Joel have already blogged about this informal gathering of people passionate for social media. Curious? Read what they had to say.

Why would you care?
• I attended my first Geek Dinner last September. I met some great people who inspired me to start blogging, so I started Bargainista.

• I wanted to show you that girls go to Geek Dinners too. Pictures from past dinners just show the guys. Look closely, that's me on the left, Ken Schafer (OneDegree and Tucows) is in the middle and that's Michelle Tampoya on the right.

Why the iPod?
This Geek Dinner followed a fabulous AIMS event, Should Your Company be Podcasting. Get it?

Photo credit: Kathryn Lagden :)

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  1. It was really nice to meet you at the event and at the Geek Dinner. Hope to see you out at our next Throng get together on Feb. 27th.



  2. Doug, it was nice meeting you too. Tamera made sure I marked Throng down in my calendar.

    Thanks for visiting,


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