Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dear Bargainista - #5

Adam from Toronto writes:
Where can I buy andouille sausage in Toronto (it's smoked sausage typically used in gumbo recipes)?

Take care,

Hi Adam,

Yes, andouille sausages are very hard to find in this city, but there are a few places that offer them.

1. Cajun Corner - Leslieville (map)
They are frozen but are not that bad. It is also a great place to get other stuff for gumbo recipes.

2. Healthy Butcher - Queen West West (map)
Very expensive but worth every cent. Call before going though because it is not a staple.

3. St. Lawrence Market - South Market (map)
Probably the cheapest and most reliable. They have several other varieties of sausages there too.

I know that Thuet serves them in a few dishes in his restaurant. It may be worth calling him (416.603.2777) and seeing where he does his shopping...however, it also wouldn't surprise me if he made them himself ;)

Let me know which ones work best for you. Leave a comment.


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