Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend update - sitting pretty

Aritzia snooze you lose sale – 50 - 70% off - ends tomorrow:

via: I want - I got

UpCountry's winter clearance sale on now:

This week's feature (while quantities last):

• Trestle Dining table S & 6 Cosmo highback chairs at $995 (reg. $2395) in R6 Mocha fabric only

Check for weekly special features on their website and in The Globe & Mail (Thursday Review, Saturday Style sections).

Ikea has up to 50% on selected bedding (and deals on beds) this weekend.

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  1. i got a really cute cropped wool jacket there yesterday in my sixe (xxs) which was fabulous. i think though that it's shady since the original prices are so not showing on almost all the tags, so you don't know what the discount is. like they walk around and rip them off before the sale or something. only the sale and final price is showing.

  2. The jacket sounds great - will you be wearing it at TFBB?

    As for the price tags, can they do that? I thought stores had to be upfront about original prices otherwise how do you know they are really XX% off?

  3. it's too cold to wear now - more like a fall/spring transitional piece :)

    but i don't know, i just think it's shady there - who's really going to investigate?

    see you next weekend!!


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