Sunday, February 25, 2007

Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch IV

I snuck out of PodCamp and scooted across town to attend Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch IV. It was great seeing everyone again and definitely worth the trip.
We discussed lots of interesting stuff:
Fashion vs. style - can you have one without the other?
• Shopping and manufacturing - how does Joe Fresh provide such great quality at such low prices? Is it awesome or boring?
• Fashion Weeks: London and New York - Marc Jacobs definitely the highlight
• Upcoming events - Toronto Fashion Week

We had some new faces:
• Miki, a fashion blog reader (how cool is that?)
• Marlene Shiff from boutique le trou, shared interesting insights and experiences working with Canadian designers

And familiar ones:
• Anita of I want - I got and blogTO
Toronto Fashion Incubator diarist Carolyn Rohaly
• Danielle of final fashion
• Adrian of Fashion Verbatim
• Rachel, Sonja and Tiffanie from

As usual brunch at The Drake Hotel was yummy. (Unfortunately, I didn't stay long enough to make the photo session at the end.)

I'm looking forward to TFBB V.

photo credit: Danielle of final fashion

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