Monday, January 21, 2008

Behind the scenes at Test the Nation

By now you may have heard about my whereabouts yesterday. Thanks to my uberblogger-friend Kate Trgovac, I was asked to be a back-up blogger for CBC’s Test the Nation.

Although I never made it on the air, I had a great time. I caught up with blogger friends: Kate, Lex and Dave. Met new ones including: Rannie, Andy, Lainey, Jules, James, Ryan, Jon and Rick (winner of the $5,000 prize for the highest individual score). And, I reconnected with Julien, who I met at PodCamp Toronto 2007. For a great recap and fabulous photos of the winning team, read Rannie’s post.

Seeing the celebrity look-alikes was a hoot. Some of them were dead ringers. Figuring out who others were portraying wasn’t always clear.

Waiting in line for dinner, I had the pleasure of chatting with a friendly cabbie from Sudbury.

As for the show, I watched it on a big-screen TV in the holding bin with all the CBC part-time assistants and chatted with Chef Michael Olsen (his biz partner and wife, Chef Anna Olsen host of Sugar on Food Network, was a member of the chefs team.)

Does it sound like I missed out? Heck no.

And by the way, I scored a respectable 48 out of 60!


  1. Anonymous9:44 am

    It was great to meet you!

  2. All Sudbury folk are friendly :)


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