Friday, January 04, 2008

Tip of the Week - Green shopping

Mish invited me for coffee the other day. She said she had something to show me and proceeded to pull a small green nylon pouch from her purse. It was about the size of a large cell phone or small digital camera but it was something else altogether different.

For a mere $5, she purchased a Reisenthel mini-maxi nylon shopping bag at Solutions that folds up into it’s own little carrying case. It weighs next to nothing and is small enough to fit into a small purse. Best of all, when Mish goes shopping she can open it up and fit lots of stuff inside. Boy, do I need one of these. ; )

I did a little research and learned award-winning design firm, Reisenthel has a whole line of shopping bags. I even found a post Kim Vallée had written about some of their other bags last spring. You can also find Reinsenthel bags at, but I didn’t see the one sported by Mish on their site.

Green bags come in many colours and aren’t just for groceries anymore!

Do you carry a “green” bag when you go shopping or do you keep one in your purse just in case? If you don’t, do you think this post has convinced you to reconsider?


  1. Omg... I am so bad at carrying recyclable bags! I always mean to - but you know when you go out shopping on a whim, you always manage to leave the bag at home? But I have so many recyclable bags... from LuLuLemon, Aldo... you have inspired me to try harder!

  2. I always have mine with me. It "lives" in my purse so I always have it when I need it.

  3. I'm half-way between the two of you. I have recyclable bags and try using them but sometimes I forget.

    Bitterbabe, I've been inspired by Alexandra and Mish. I want one that can "live" in my purse too.

    We do recycle bags at home so at least I know they are being used more than once.

  4. Kinda funny ... my mom gave me a bag just like the one described here, except she got hers about thirty years ago. Turns out people have been thinking "green" for a pretty long time.

  5. Hi Gloria, Thanks for your comment. I agree. Green is trendy right now but that's not to say the idea of green living is new.

  6. I am pretty good with using cloth bags when I buy my groceries but not for other types of shopping. I don't carry a purse that would hold my cell phone or this mini bag you describe but I should get myself a bag for when I go out at lunch. Good prompt to go a bit further with environmentally conscious living.

  7. Anonymous2:09 pm

    these bags are great! they were selling them at chapters last year and they carry so much, are washable and fold away to nothing. definitely the best option I've found and my husband likes them too for the groceries (we get asked about them) and they have no logo! ok enough gushing...


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