Monday, January 21, 2008

The NutriSystem Countdown - anticipation is keeping us way-ay-ay-ay-iting

Guest blogger and future NutriSystem buddy, Tamsin, shares her thoughts about our upcoming NutriSystem Challenge...

I’m really eager to get started on my NutriSystem adventure. I look at this as an adventure of-sorts because I have never really dieted before -- let alone followed a prescribed menu that comes in little packages. I’m very curious: will it look like astronaut food? Are the scrambled eggs as bad as some bloggers describe? Will I STARVE? I am grazing like crazy these days, as if I am off to Yummy-Snacks rehab! I need to clean house of temptation foods before Day 1.

In anticipation of Finally Getting Started, I’ve thought about some good habits to develop over the next 3 months -- perhaps some of these will even take my mind off the great meals I’ll miss during the upcoming Winterlicious:

• Keep a daily journal. Aside from reporting on my experience and progress through Bargainista, I will keep a daily personal journal. I used to journal religiously, but I somehow lost the habit and have longer planned to get back into it. This is my chance! I’m still not sure if this will be paper or blog, but I look forward to a personal space to clear my thoughts.

[Bargainista: I used to journal when I was on Weight Watchers and worked really well.]

• Drink more water. Surely water intake will be a component of NutriSystem, but I plan to make an extra effort.

• Daily walks. With a new job downtown, I plan to use the great window-shopping as incentive for a quick afternoon walk. Is it too early to dream of a spring shopping spree in a smaller size?

[Bargainista: If you don’t start dreaming now, what’s the point? Dreaming is what motivates me this time around. ; )]


  1. Hey. Not sure how long you have been waiting for your "nutrisystem" to arrive - but I also won 2 months of food in exchange for blogging about it. Its been a bit over two weeks now and I haven't gotten yet. Would love to follow your blog if its okay - should be an interesting journey. :)))

  2. Anonymous10:16 am

    Hey Christine,
    Thanks for stopping by. Of course it's okay for you to follow our journey and we'd like to do the same.

    I was first approached in early Jan. It's been a little over 2 weeks since Tamsin won the Bargainista giveaway. She got her food last night. I should have mine by tomorrow and if so, we'll be starting this weekend. How did you win your food?



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