Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tip of the Week: Great deals at the Gap - a Bargainista exclusive

You know I haven’t been doing much clothes shopping lately and I’m no longer a fan of the Gap but...

With a busy week ahead. I needed wanted something new to wear, don't want to spend much on clothes right now and had next to no time to shop.

Yesterday afternoon, I started panicking and chanting the “I have nothing to wear” mantra. It was 4:30. I only had an hour to spare so I headed out to my neighbourhood Gap.

At first nothing caught my eye. Sale prices were insanely low, so I picked up stuff to try on for the heck of it hoping I'd find that special something. No go.

Fortunately, I had the help of Jenna one of the best Gap change room staffers I’ve met in a long time. We came up with two outfits: One was on sale, the other was from their new selection.

I’m not usually a sucker for suggestive selling but when she told me I’d be nuts to pass up on the 100% merino wool grey sweater on sale for $14.99, she was right. I took the bait. I also found a cropped grey velour jacket in this season’s new round neck style for $29.99.

Okay, so what’s the exclusive?
You heard it here first: Gap just had a markdown and is having another one next Thursday!

Thinking of buying something on sale there but you aren’t sure? You may want to pick it up now before it’s gone. Hold on to your bill. If the item is marked down next week, go back and get a price adjustment. Just remember you’ll need to do so within two weeks from the date of your purchase.


  1. I used to work at the GAP. Many, many many years ago. And price adjustments are the greatest things.

    You can also take advantage of of the two week price adjustment rule at old Navy and I believe Banana Republic which are also GAP brands.

    Indeed a Merino sweater for 14.99 is an awesome deal.

  2. Completely off topic, but I just read on that you were one of the subs on TTN... Wish I had got to meet you - I was working on the show!

  3. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Hey Rannie and kt, thanks for stopping by.

    Bad news - the merino sweater has a big hole. One of the seams wasn't sewn. I'm hoping they'll be able to replace it with another one in my size. So much for quality control. Guess you do get what you pay for.

    kt, were you sitting back stage during the show? From your pics, you look like someone who was diagonally across from me. I would have loved meeting you - it's always nice to chat with other readers.

  4. Yep - I was backstage during the show :) Sitting behind the flight crew for most of it... poking my head out during commercial breaks every once in a while!

  5. kt, I think I'm mixing you up with someone else. I was in the big room where everyone waited before the sho.

  6. hmm, it's possible.
    I was in that room before and after the show, but not during...

  7. My all-time favourite sweater is a charcoal grey merino wool v-neck sweater from Banana Republic (the Gap's big sister) that I bought about 12-15 years ago. I wore it so much it was starting to look ragged around the edges although the wool itself was still in such good shape.

    I went in search of a replacement in the fall, and found a grey cashmere sweater at Holt Renfrew for twice what I paid. I wore it for about 2 months...and discovered holes in the seam under the arm.

    So, doesn't matter how much you pay...the quality isn't always there. The sweater pictured in your photograph looks just like my favourite old sweater, by the way. Which I have kept to wear around the house still. It is still so warm.


  8. Connie, one of my favorite sweaters is from Holt Renfrew. I paid a fortune for it in my single days. I think I'll have it forever. It still looks new and people still compliment me whenever I have it on.

    There's more to my merino wool sweater (which by the way isn't exactly the same one in the pic.)

    I called today to see if I could get another. The manager offered to pay for the repair and give me the price adjustment - it dropped to $7.40-somthing on Thursday!

    The repair cost $5 (they thought it would be more) and they refunded me $7.41. In total they sold the sweater for ~$2.50. No wonder they are having problems.

  9. Wow--that's incredible. Well, hopefully once fixed it will serve you well.

  10. For the price, if I wear it a couple times, it will have served me quite well. ; )


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