Monday, March 18, 2013

Tip of the Week: Be brand loyal

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Welcome to the third in a series of tips to help bloggers build communities, find an audience and get the most out of working with brands.

I hope you’ll enjoy these tips I’ve assembled with the help of other bloggers, brands, PR consultants, marketing pros, community managers.*

Tip 3: be brand loyal
Michèle Bosc, Director of Marketing at Chateau des Charmes says, “Don’t be afraid to endorse a brand you love. Stay loyal to that brand within a category… Be professional and true to your voice.”

Promoting multiple products for competing brands may lead readers to question whether or not they can trust your product reviews, endorsements or anything you have to say. You don’t want to be that blogger who will do anything for attention or a quick buck. 

There’s nothing worse than being a spokesperson of brand ambassador who gets caught online, in a photo or video using a competitor’s product. It’s a sure way to lose credibility for you and the company helping to pay your bills. Although it’s flattering being asked to represent a brand, make sure you know what you’re getting into from the start and recognize the need for consistency in all your online channels. 

Recently I spoke with a blogger about why it wasn’t cool for her to be sharing photos of herself enjoying a delicious burger from one midtown Toronto burger joint because she was being paid to post on social networks on behalf of one of their competitors. Appearances matter. If I were her client, I would have been disappointed and if I were looking for someone’s recommendations to trust it wouldn’t have been hers.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:
How do you decide which products to review and endorse on your blog or other social networks?  Do you trust someone’s recommendation who isn’t always brand loyal? Please share your tips in the comments.

*Based on an blog post originally appearing at Food Bloggers of Canada.
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