Friday, October 13, 2006

Seeing (Red)!

Seeing (RED)!? You're not imagining things. Product (RED)! was launched as an international initiative in January by Bono and Bobby Shriver in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Today is the official U.S. launch. By leveraging strong consumer brands and connecting them with Product (RED)!, they are bringing greater attention and money to The Global Fund to help end the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. The campaign is extremely clever and engaging.

Product (RED)! sponsors include:
Giorgio Armani
The Gap
American Express; and,

MTV is on board as the first U.S. media sponsor.

Watch Bono on Oprah today as they help launch the U.S. campaign and paint the town (RED)! with the help of special guests Penelope Cruz and Kanye West.

Maybe I'm living under a rock but I haven't seen any Product (RED)! in Canada. Strange Eh? Just because Stephen Harper didn't go to the XVI International AIDS conference, doesn't mean we don't want to get involved. This is such a wonderful program. Let's hope the products make their way to the Great White North soon.

UPDATE October 14: The Gap has lauched their Product (RED)! line in Canada.

Get involved! visit the (RED)! website.

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