Saturday, October 28, 2006

These boots are made for walking

After having my regular Saturday morning workout and taking my kids for haircuts, the next most important item on my weekend to do list was buy winter boots for the boys.

I'd been sick most of the week so all I wanted to do was find them, try them, fit them and buy them. Atypically, price wasn't my top priority.

Our first stop, Adrian's on Yonge St. They used to been known as a children's shoe store and has been branching out into women's and men's footwear lately. My eldest son is wearing men's sizes now! I thought if I played my cards right, I'd be able to buy both pairs with one-stop shopping. No such luck. The limited selection didn't do it for him. Fortunately, my younger son saw and updated version of his previous pair, tried them on and bingo! Only one problem, mom the Bargainista, left her wallet at home. (I told you I haven't been feeling well.:) Fortunately, dad was in tow and took care of the bill. I almost croaked when I learned the price. I reminded myself that the number of people who have the expertise to fit childrens' shoes is at a premium. Adrian's is one of the few places in the city I trust to do it properly.

Next we thought we'd trek to The Shoe Company (Town Shoes' discount store). Adult boots were a lot more expensive and the Bargainista in me was making an appearance. The boots he wanted were a small fortune ($130-$160). The only saving grace was the $30 coupon toward another same-day purchase and he needed a new pair of shoes. I almost caved thinking it would only be more expensive elsewhere. Unfortunately, they didn't have the right styles in the right size. The service, although pleasant, sucked anyway.

Yorkdale here we come. As much as I dislike department stores, The Bay seemed like a good place to start. En route, I spotted Timberland. I suggested we make a quick stop to check out the inventory. The same boots we saw at The Shoe Company for $159.99 were $150. (Hey, I thought The Shoe Company discounted all footwear.) Then I noticed the sign, all mens' footwear was 25% off. The very helpful salesperson found us the right size within minutes. Et voilĂ  they fit! $112.50 (+tax) later, mission accomplished.

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