Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Schwartz’s – smoked meat on rye for less than $5

There’s a reason I didn’t blog last weekend – I was on vacation. Last Thursday night, we packed up and headed off to Montreal.

Besides spending time with family, the boys had two requests:
Shrek the Third; and,
smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz’s.

If you’ve never been to Schwartz’s before, it’s quite the culinary adventure. Diners line up around the block to have a quick bite in a 75-year-old deli packed with strangers. We shared a table with another family visiting from Toronto!

Trust me, little has changed over the years. The restaurant is essentially a hole in the wall. But who cares? At Schwartz’s, as long as you’re munching on a tantalizing original world famous smoked meat sandwich or rib eye steak, your palate won’t be disappointed. Neither will your wallet. At $4.95 for a delicious thick cut, generous smoked meat sandwich, this is one of the best buys in town.

Have you had a meal Schwartz’s? What did you think? Have you ever placed an online order? Share your experience and leave a comment.

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  1. Best smoked meat. Love the atmosphere. It's a great way to meet people.

  2. Friends of ours order online and have it delivered to Toronto. Boy, are they missing out - being there is half the fun.

  3. I have eaten there - I sort of couldn't understand what the big deal was though!


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