Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekly wish - keep those undies outta site!

Is it just me?

In as many days, I’ve seen two young women with next to nothing on. No, I wasn’t at the gym, swimming pool, a fitting room or a beach. I was walking my son to school and riding the subway to work.

I passed fashion victim #1 on my morning walk. A neighbourhood teenager passed by. It was pretty chilly out, barely above the freezing mark. Her skirt was barely below her butt. I sure hope she was wearing nice undies. Trust me, everyone at school must have seen them.

On the subway, fashion fashion victim #2 got up from her seat and from behind, I could see more of her thong than I should have. She was wearing low-rise pants so I thought it was just an oversight on her part ... boy, was I wrong! She turned around and I saw her thong (and belly) hangin’ out all around. Strange thing was, she wasn’t a Britney wanna be. She was conservatively dressed and lacking in the style department. Not a pretty site, not at all.

So this week, I’m wishing for a favour. Don’t let this happen to you. Use some discretion. Buck bad fashion trends. Keep your dignity and please, what ever you do, unless you’re modeling for Victoria’s Secret, hide your undies in public!

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