Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Weekly wish - new shoes

There’s nothing I’d like to buy more right now than a few new pairs of shoes or sandals. I’m so discouraged at this point, one pair would do.

I love shoes, especially new ones but I have a tough time finding a pair that are:
in style
available in my size
the right colour

Last weekend, I checked out three shoe stores. Zola was incredible and had me drooling but at $500+ for a pair of flat sandals; it was out of my range.

Nine West had several fabulous styles with heel heights that were high enough without looking like I work on Jarvis St. at night but nothing fit properly... and I tried at least half a dozen.

I’m no Goldilocks so the third store (Rockport - don’t laugh) wasn’t right either. There was a nice basic black sandal, sophisticated enough for the office and comfortable enough for weekend walking. Wouldn’t ya know, they were out of my size. I could have bought a brown pair but they were a dull shade and I just wasn’t feeling them.

To make matters worse, I never saw enough staff on hand to provide adequate customer service.

Today I’m wishing for my own personal shopper so I’ll have two happy feet and ten twinkling toes sparkling bright in a new pair of shoes.

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