Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two great new suits from H&M

Every working woman needs a basic black suit. So why are stylish ones so hard to find?

I first set out to find a new one in January. I spent almost three hours in one store with a dedicated salesperson and my own private change area. I was even willing to spend some pretty serious coin. No go. Nothing fit well. It was all too boring. How discouraging!

I've been keeping an eye out ever since but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Lately, my shopping expeditions have comprised almost exclusively in visits to the Apple Store. While waiting for a mac genius one Saturday, I took a quick peek inside H&M. Whadda ya know, I found a sweet-looking black suit. Problem was, I didn't have time to try it on before my appointment.

The next morning, I showed up just after doors opened, picked up the suit among other pieces and b-lined to the fitting room. The suit fit like a charm! I scored a great natural linen pant suit with a cropped jacket and patch pockets too! Best thing is they cost $100 each (pants $39.99; jackets $59.99). And at those prices, if they only last a year or two, who cares?

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