Saturday, August 02, 2008

IKEA showroom in downtowm Toronto

IKEA started distributing it’s 2009 catalogue last week. I always love flipping through mine but to be honest, despite my semi-annual visits and compact home, I don’t usually buy much.

IKEA seems to be on to something and it’s about time! This year they are trying something a little different. Recognizing the vast number of compact condos and townhomes in the downtown core, IKEA opened a temporary showroom (July 31-Aug. 3) in the fancy furniture strip along King St. E. If you’re downtown and looking for something to do tomorrow, you can have a look ’cause it’s closing at the end of the day.

Have you been to the downtown IKEA showroom? What did you think? See anything cool in the new catalogue? I’m loving the new pink chaises featured on the cover. Surprised?


  1. This is a great concept. I wish I were there to visit the showroom. I do not shop regularly at IKEA either. I enjoy seeing their latest designs because there is always something inspiring in the way they styled the rooms.

  2. I like IKEA but rarely shop there as well as I live close to downtown and rarely have access to a car. Love this idea! If I get a chance, I will check them out.

  3. One of the things I miss most about moving to Halifax from IKEA!!!!

  4. Kim and Connie, Wouldn't it be ideal if IKEA had a permanent showroom in the downtown core of all major cities?

    Ruth, thanks for stopping by. IKEA used to have a store near Halifax. I think it was in Dartmouth but I understand it's gone now. Perhaps they will open another one in the future.

  5. Anonymous4:03 pm

    On Saturday I opened up our newspaper "The San Jose Mercury News" (San Jose, CA) and low and behold an entire IKEA 2009 catalogue fell out of the plethora of weekend ads. It blew my mind! How much is that setting back their marketing budget to include one of these bad boys in each and every Saturday newspaper? And will they see a proper return on their investment? Whoa...

  6. Hey Cynthia,
    Thanks for your comment. I have no idea how IKEA does in San Jose but I suspect if it's anything like Toronto, including the 2009 as an insert in your newspaper will be well worth the ROI. It's also possible it wasn't included in every paper but perhaps those meeting specific demographics.

  7. Rats--I didn't get a chance to head over there. Too bad they weren't around longer!


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