Saturday, August 02, 2008

My first impressions of Smart Set

You may remember I was contacted by Smart Set via their PR agency to participate in a program. In return, I got a mini-wardrobe consultation and a $75 gift certificate.

Instead of buying the suggested outfit, I bought a pair of casual cargo shorts for $26.99 (I’ve been living in them ever since). They were on sale from $35 and a week later, they were back up at regular price. I also picked up another pair of shorts for $9.99 but I didn’t love them so I took them back. Fortunately, Smart Set has a no-hassle return policy.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the chain and noticed they have different specials every week. For instance, they’ve introduced lululemon knock-off yoga pants and co-ordinating jackets this week for an unbeatable price – any two pieces for only $50! (A set usually sells for $70.) I’m tempted to use the remainder of my gift certificate before they’re gone.

I also found a decent selection of jeans at very low prices. I think I’ve seen them on sale for under $30!

My friend Connie told me they’ve also started offering reusable bags and last week they were free with a minimum purchase of $40 or $50.

Bottom line:
I was pleasantly surprised to see so many women customers. I expected to find only teens. Staff was friendly, clothes seem to fit nicely and prices are very affordable. I probably won’t buy my work clothes at Smart Set because I find them a bit too junior and I prefer better quality. However, when it comes to basics and weekend wear, I’ll definitely pay Smart Set a visit.


  1. Thanks for the update!

    I picked up a bunch of "cheap and cheerful" T-shirts and camies last week. They had different necklines available, a great range of colours, and they seem to wash up well. They are light with a bit of stretch, so very comfy.

    The Ts were originally about $12.99, I bought a bunch at $9.99 and those left are currently on half price, only $5, so well worth a look (if you can find any left!).

    They were snapped up pretty fast.

    One question I have is where do these tops come from at such a low price? Especially, are the manufacturing and dyeing processes they use ethical/environmentally friendly? I would want to find out before I buy more from them.


  2. Awesome deal on the shorts! Good timing getting them, too.

    And Connie, I'll bring your question to Smart Set and get back to you : )

  3. Thanks so much, Rayanne!


  4. Connie, thanks for sharing your experience. I popped into the Yorkdale store on Saturday and saw a lot of t-shirts on display. All sale items were an additional 50% off.

    Rayanne, I've been living in those shorts. The fact they haven't come apart yet tells me they're made to last. Please post Smart Set's answer to Connie's question here too.


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