Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An interview with Jessica Wilding, Lil Did Jewelry & Accessories

Recently, I interviewed Jessica Wilding of Lil Did Jewelry & Accessories. She sells her handcrafted jewelry designs on Etsy. It’s a wonderful online marketplace providing artists a hassle-free way to sell their crafts directly to consumers.

When did you start designing jewelry?

I began making jewelry for friends and family as Christmas gifts and really did enjoy the process of creating wearable art. Relatives started buying my jewelry to give as gifts. I decided to try opening a simple shop online to showcase and display my jewelry. I dedicate almost all my spare time to it, while still working full time.

I started out making earrings with silver plated components and glass beads, now I use semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver or gold filled components so that the pieces last longer, and are safe for those allergic to nickel.

Tell us about your experience on Etsy.

I’ve had 74 sales on my website since last Oct. and most of my clients are in the U.S., but I have had quite a few sales in Canada. I've also sold to a few people in the UK, Norway, and Germany as well.

What would you like people to know about your approach?

I do custom orders, and have worked closely with my clients to create pieces or recreate pieces they've lost, and all of those experiences have been wonderful.

I like to price my jewelry so that it is affordable, yet original and different. I don’t think you have to pay hundreds of dollars to own a unique piece. Jewelry should be fun and affordable. Keeping my price points low allows customers to pick up a few different pieces to go with many different outfits.


  1. Anonymous9:25 am

    All her pieces are lovely, but the tornado style earrings are especially pretty. If I wore jewellry, they would tempt me...

  2. I agree. Her pieces are lovely. I'm having a giveaway for those who do wear jewelry. Several entries have already arrived. Maybe you should reconsider. You could win a pair of earings.

  3. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Yes, I saw that -- but I honestly don't wear anything but the occasional bracelet, so best let those who do wear earrings have the chance! I know they'll be delighted to have them.

    But it's nice to be introduced to her work -- I love seeing what others do.


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