Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iPods piss me off

Now that I’ve got your attention…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I’m a bit of an Apple fan girl. This week alone, I bought two iPods as gifts for family members and I bought my husband one for his birthday last year.

Yes, iPods and iTunes have dramatically changed the music industry and the way we consume music, not to mention other forms of multimedia. As far as the technology goes, they are phenomenal. I just don’t understand why they don’t come with everything you need in the box.

Okay, I can understand them not coming with car adapters but why do we need to buy cases too? I swear the little case I just bought for an iPod nano looks like it costs about $2 to make and sells for $25-$30. Can’t Apple either make iPod exteriors with scratch-resistant materials or include basic cases so we don’t need to shell out more cash for them?


  1. I have loved my shuffles - on my second... but they crash all the bl**ping time. I don't even know how I fix them... magically I think. I wait, music-less, for weeks and then sometimes I can get them working with iTunes again.
    I am in a shuffle-less, music-less, phase and iPods piss me off too!

  2. I hate pretty much all iPod cases and refuse to use one. In summer, I keep my ipod in a convenient pouch in my bag. In winter, I carry it in my pocket. I'm pretty scratch free.

    I just hate how cases make the Pod twice the size it should be.

  3. Lex, I get really annoyed when mine crashes too and I've also found the online support instructions helpful: http://support.apple.com/en_US/manuals/#ipod
    If your shuffle is less than a year old or you have Apple Care, Apple will fix it for you.

    Rayanne, Thanks for the great suggestions. I agree the cases can be cumbersome with the larger iPods.

    My son just got a nano for his birthday. The case is very small and light. He stopped using it and within hours the screen is a mess of fingerprints. I'm just waiting for him to break it - he's not getting another one!

  4. If you worry about messy fingerprints on your screen, do not get the iPhone. I am waiting (MTL Apple's store is out of stock) to buy a screen protector. I wonder why a screen protector is not already integrated as everyone wants one. But they give us a cleaning cloth :-)

    I guess they would need women on their team to advice them on what must be included in the box.

  5. Anonymous11:50 am

    This post reminded me of an episode of CBC Radio's Spark on 'Designed Deterioration' and how most new gadgets don't age gracefully. Here's an excerpt about how iPhone owners feel devastated to find the first gash in their electronics:

    That’s just not right. An object should be designed not just for sale, but also for day to day wear and tear. With use, this iPhone should get more attractive, should become like a trusted and inseparable friend.

    Of course, the blame for the absence of designed deterioration from these products can be laid squarely at the feet of a more widely accepted design concept: planned obsolescence.

    For Khoi Vinh's article: http://www.subtraction.com/archives/2007/0716_designed_det.php

  6. Kim, if it's any consolation, Blackberry screens get pretty messed up too. I've been borrowing my husband's and the fingerprints have been driving me nuts.

    Kyra, so true - gadgets are reinvented so often these days so perhaps there's not much value placed on designing them to last. Besides, they have to get to market so quickly there may not be time to worry about those type of details. Technology seems to matter the most. On the other hand, it amazes me that entire niche industries have been created for iPod accessory manufacturers as a result.

  7. I love love love my ipod!

  8. Teena, thanks for your comment. I love iPods too - I just don't like having to buy add ons like cases just for basic enjoyment. They should be included or unnecessary.


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