Monday, November 27, 2006

Days of wine and roses

One of the reasons I began Bargainista was to create a central repository for viral shopping news in hopes of unclogging in boxes of avid shoppers everywhere.

Today I visited Neville Hobson's blog, as I do regularly, looking for his words of wisdom on all things social media as it relates to PR and the communications industry. But to my surprise, his post was about a wonderful viral sales campaign happening right now in the UK. Not only that, the campaign is the wonder child of Hugh MacLeod, whom I'd just been reading about on my way to work this morning.

This is the deal: All Thresher outlets in the UK, are offering a 4o% discount on all wines and champagnes from November 30 - December 10. All you need is a coupon that you can only obtain online. What's most interesting about this promotion is it relies entirely on word-of-mouth. There isn't any advertising or in-store promotions.

Unfortunately, unlike Red Rose Tea, it's not available in Canada!

Just in case you're planning a trip across the pond in the next couple weeks, here's a coupon:

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