Thursday, November 16, 2006

Victoria Secret's coming to Canada?

There was big news in the fashion retail world today, as reported in the Globe and Mail.

The Limited Brands a successful U.S. company best know for Victoria's Secret, the sexy lingerie store, made a friendly take-over bid for Canada's La Senza chain.

We'll have to wait and see what's going to migrate to the Great White North. If I were you, I'd put my money on Victoria's Secret to start the migration.

The Limited Brands:
Victoria's Secret
Bath & Body Works
C.O. Bigelow
The Limited
The White Barn Candle Company
Henri Bendel

What do you think of another big U.S. chain moving north?

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  1. wow! that is huge! over La Senza - they have really made a name for themselves for cheapo lingerie in this town as well as with great partnerships programs...I am sure they are going to make a pretty penny.

    Makes me think I should buy stock in Birks as they will probably concede to Tiffany's...

  2. I get very excited when I hear about these U.S. stores coming to town. I always feel a bit torn too. The trade-off is the loss of another successful Canadian business.

    As for the Tiffany's/Birks thing, you just may be on to something. :)


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