Thursday, November 09, 2006

Missing you...

My Internet service was shotty to say the least for several weeks but I blamed it on an old house and lots of rain (sometimes it gets into the phone lines and causes problems). And then the unthinkable happened, it stopped altogether. Suffice it to say, after almost four painfully frustrating hours on the phone with Bell Sympatico, I got a new modem and life seems to be looking up.

Ten years ago I wouldn't have cared if I couldn't use e-mail for a day, surf the web or post to my blog. Today, it's a nightmare. The Internet is probably the most sought-after item in the house. Sometimes we have to take a number to use it. (Hey, maybe it's time to get another computer. Apple are you listening?)

Why am I telling you all this... well I hope you'll forgive me for not telling you about...
  • Want warehouse sale
  • Viktor & Rolf at H&M
  • Dish Denim Event at Girl Friday
  • Trunk show at Nathalie-Roze & Co.
  • DKNY winter jacket I bought at Winners' winter wear event - yes, I actually found some awesome designer jackets there!

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