Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The dirt on Just White Shirts

Just White Shirts - once a Canadian e-commerce success story - with an offline presence too, is closing it's doors for good. I'm not sure if it's because they moved away from business wear basics or other reasons.

Regardless, if work means hanging out with the suits, you won't want to miss the liquidation sale.

The prices aren't that low yet but who knows, they may drop further as time goes on.

Update: the bankruptcy sale is located at 138 Cumberland St., Old York Lane (map)

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  1. I never understood their name - as they never sold just white shirts (did they)? It didn't work for me and while I was glad of Canadian success, their stupid name makes me not very sad at their demise.

  2. I think they started with men's white business shirts then branched out to other shirts, socks, ties, etc., women's shirts and so on.

  3. Johnathon Lee10:44 am

    They're back in business! I was so shocked to see retail stores of apparently they have a new owner now? Anyway, prices at the heartland location are good.. I believe its their factory outlet so that could be why... very nice young lady helped us out love their shirts now!


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