Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Seinfeld's ABC gum ... anything for a buck

TV tattle.com is one of my daily must-reads but rarely do I click thru for the articles.

Today, when I saw a link to "Jerry Seinfeld's chewed gum for sale on eBay" I couldn't resist. I've never heard anything so disgusting in the online auction.

Seems the seller, global-garage is a bit of a garbage picker. A couple years ago, he and his buddies met Jerry Seinfeld in Central Park. They parted ways and watched Seinfeld throw something shiny in the garbage. After he walked away, global-garage went over to the garbage can and picked up the shiny papers with the ABC gum. The rest is history in the making.

I've watched every Seinfeld episode at least once but have a hard time remembering the details. So, I did a little digging... I learned this guy has something in common with George Costanza too. In The Gymnast episode, George picks a chocolate eclair out of the garbage and eats it!


How much would you pay for Seinfeld's ABC gum?

Photo credit: global-garage

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