Monday, January 15, 2007

Toronto's own treasure trove

Note: Bargainista welcomes guest contributor Anita Clarke. Anita writes for the blogs I want – I got and blogTO. She spends excessive amounts of time on the computer.

The Annex isn't a shopping Mecca in Toronto, but there are a few choice shops that should be on everyone's radar. All accessory lovers should know about Trove. It's one of those "hidden gem" type places that are missed by those that only frequent Queen Street and the mall.

Trove started in 2002 with accessories like jewelry, belts, handbags and scarves. After a few years they opened a sister store called Shoon. It focused on shoes and carried brands like Clarks, Faryl Robin, Fly and Indigo. You could also find clothing including designs by local designers Wonderlust and House of Spy. This summer Trove expanded and brought Shoon into the fold, they were together finally.

Trove has a reputation for carrying unique items. The jewelry section is amazing and you can find many exquisite pieces for sale. Guys, this is a great place for gift shopping. You can find handbags for all functions: evening, casual and work. Scarves come in a wide variety of styles for all seasons. During the winter, you can find stylish hats, leather gloves of all colours and cute mitt and scarf sets.

Currently the store is in the mist of winter sales with boots 40%-60% off, clothing 50% off, all winter wear 50% including leather gloves, handbags 25%-50% off, xmas decorations 75%, slippers and PJs 50% off. Some jewelry is on sale but not all.

Trove is one of the best stores for customer communication and appreciation. They have a monthly newsletter, which keeps you up to date on all the happenings that month. It usually includes information on new items, artist profiles and store events. Mailing list members also receive special discounts on Trove products.

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