Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend update

Holt Renfrew slashed their sale prices by another 20% Sale ends Sunday.

Thanks for Linda for reporting on the Lululemon warehouse sale. Seems like prices aren't slashed as much as they were last year and line-ups are much longer. What was your experience?

H&M slashed prices with red tags by another 50% off red-ticket items

Mish told us iPhones will be coming to Canada.

Where are you shopping this weekend? Let me know.

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  1. i couldn't believe when i read in the paper that ppl lined up since midnight for the sale...they're $100 sweatpants, for goodness' sakes!!

  2. I like how you put these overpriced sweats in perspective. Lulu has created quite the cult around $100 sweats and other retailers have followed their lead.

    Last warehouse sale they were practically giving things away. Not this year. I keep on hearing how disappointed people are with the high prices. It's like a regular winter sale but instead of having it at each location, customers are lining up for hours and not getting the great deals they expected.


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