Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brain Age mania

I used to think the Nintendo DS was for just kids even though I was wowed last year when my son showed me all the cool interactive tricks he could do with his pet Nintendog.

Now all my grown-up friends are adding the DS to their wish lists. One even swore she’d never buy a game console for anyone in her family. But all that has changed! Why? Brain Age mania!

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the hype was about. We already have a DS at home; I just needed the games. In true Bargainista fashion, I bought them both for a mere $26.98 + tax. Here’s how:

I went to EBgames looking for a used version of Brain Age (it’s been around for a while). They were sold out. Next I tried Gamerama. I should have gone there first. Gamerama is a neighbourhood shop with all the newest games plus a huge used game biz. They wanted $14.99. I told them EBgames was rumoured to be selling them for $10 (at least according to a guy I met in the electronics department at ToysRUs who was stocking up). Gamerama met me halfway: $11.99 plus tax.

This week, ToysRUs is selling Brain Age 2 for $14.99. Other retailers have it priced at $19.99 and up. Today I needed wanted some retail therapy at lunchtime. I work near a Future Shop and they were happy to price match.

I’ve been playing Brain Age for the past five days and my score is steadily improving. Has it increased my brain power? Who knows? What about you? Have you jumped on the Brain Age bandwagon?

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  1. The DS is an awesome device. So is the Wii. (Can you tell I'm a nintendo fan?)

    What would be uber cool would be if anyone could develop for the platform, much like how anyone can develop software for a Mac or PC.

  2. We're big nintendo (and mac) fans here too.

    Platform dev for Wii, yes uber cool is right, especially with games and other goodies you can buy from Wii wi-fi (is that what it's called, I'm not sure and my kids aren't around to ask.)

  3. Brainage and Nintendo DS are on my Christmas list (crossing my fingers!). Our summer student at work had one and had all of us old fogies try it out. I really really liked it. I think it would be better to play on the streetcar to and from work instead of the mindless "brick breaker" game on my blackberry. ;-)

  4. The DS is way better than brick and just think of how much brain training you could do on the streetcar.

    Yesterday another friend told me they bought a DS as an Xmas gift for their daughter. His wife bought Brain Age, opened the DS and has been hooked every since. He's surprising her with a DS of her own. How sweet. ; )

    Mario, wonder if Nintendo reads my blog. Maybe I could wish for my very own DS.

  5. I am so hooked to Brain Age!! Love it!!

  6. I'm still waiting to try Brain Age 2. I've heard it's more challenging with more interesting activities than teh original.

    There were so many good deals on DS games before Christmas we stocked up and my kids have been playing with it non-stop.


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