Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cranium WOW is one hot party game

Looking for a last-minute gift for that person who has everything? What about a different hostess gift for a New Years’ Eve party? Consider Cranium WOW. It’s an updated version of the original Cranium game.

My kids particularly like the four customizable game pieces or “movers”. Each one has a name and a back story. My favourite is Coco but I’m sure that’s no surprise. The folks at Cranium actually designed 12 movers and there are different ones in every box. Cool thing is you can order more if you like for $4.95 each.

I bought Cranium WOW on sale as my Chaunkah gift to the family. It’s really more of a party game for adults than a pastime for kids. Regardless, we had a great time playing together. Be prepared, it takes at least an hour to play and I think it’s more fun when played with more than four people.

I’ve seen it everywhere from fancy displays at Starbucks to the unique game selection at Mastermind but ToysRUs keeps putting it on sale. In fact, I think it’s half-price along with other Cranium games now through Dec. 24.

What's your favorite party game? Have you played Cranium WOW? Did you like it? How do you think it compares to the original?


  1. I was a huge fan of the original Cranium, but had never tried the new Cranium WOW. Based on your recommendation, I'm definitely picking one up after the holiday season craziness is over!

  2. It sells for between $45 and $50 regularly. If I were you I'd check and see if there are any left at ToysRUs and/or order it online. Even with shipping costs, you'll save a bundle.

  3. I was skeptical of Cranium (how fun could it be??) but when I played it with my co-workers I have never laughed so hard in my life!!

  4. Cranium Wow! is the funniest game I've ever played.

    I think ToysRUs is still selling several Cranium games at half-price. Cranium Wow! is hard to find though.


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