Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What’s Tzatz coupon about?

Okay maybe I’m just a bit thick but I just received this coupon from Tzatz, a local clothing store, and I’m not sure what it means.

This coupon is good for:
a) $20 off my next purchase?
b) $25 off if my next purchase is for $299 or more?
c) $20 off my next purchase or $25 off if my next purchase is $299 or more?
d) $20 off my next purchase + $25 off another purchase of $299 or more?
e) All of the above
f) None of the above

What do you think they are trying to tell me? Maybe they needed a better copywriter and/or proofreader. Have you received any confusing coupons lately?

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  1. Anonymous9:34 am

    Hey Bargainista, relax...

    Re: your question "Is the coupon is good for:"

    Looks like even the best of you make a typo every now and then!

    PS. I used my coupon at Tzatz and they were happy to give me $25 off!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Glad you were able to use the coupon and saved $25. What did you buy? Did you spend $299 or less?

    Oops! anonymous. Thanks for the catch. My editor hadn't caught it either.

    Anyone can make a mistake but we usually hold businesses to a higher standard than people who blog as a hobby. ; )


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