Friday, December 07, 2007

Tip of the Week - MizPee

Okay, so this may seem a bit silly to you but honestly, it’s a shopping tip you may thank me for one day.

Have you ever found yourself shopping or running errands in an unfamiliar part of town and suddenly have the need to pee? You’re not alone. MizPee can help. Just enter your location into this free web app and you’ll get a list of the nearest public washrooms along with ratings and info. about whether or not you need to be a paying customer before you can use the can.

MizPee is also WAP-enabled. My son thought the idea of being able to find the location of the nearest public washroom on his mobile phone was pretty cool. MizPee is available in 15 other North American cities and has a lot of potential for Torontonians. Like tracking the latest local shopping deals but note these features aren’t available here just yet

In order for it to succeed in our fair city, MizPee needs your help! Add public toilets you’ve used and rate them on the site (check out the toilet paper icons). I quite like the embedded Yahoo! maps feature as well.

Here are some bugs to watch for:

Finding toilets
I tried entering a couple different locations in central and downtown Toronto. I had limited success but more often than not, I got a list of toilets in NYC instead of Toronto. I suspect as more of us useMizPee, it will work a whole lot better.
The listing for mobile companies doesn’t include Canadian carriers, at least not yet.

Profile (if you want to join the community)
User names must be 5-8 characters long, so I can’t use “Bargainista”. Bummer!
The zip code field doesn’t appear to be alphanumeric so us Canadians can’t enter our postal codes properly.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Would you like to see more info. like this on Bargainista?

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  1. Heh. Yeah - there's a few teething troubles with the thing at the moment, but you've gotta love the idea. I've pinged customer support there a couple of times and I have to say they've been pleasantly responsive. Hope this grows and grows.

  2. Hey michaelo, thanks for stopping by.

    Good to know MizPee's customer service is on top of things. I'll try contacting them. I've been so turned off by other online communities who ignore customer inquiries.

  3. MizPee's "Deals" section combined with it's mobile service has interesting implications for social shopping. I'm curious to see how this develops in the new year.


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