Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weekly wish - tag, you’re it!

Hanukkah ended today so for the most part, gift giving and receiving is over in my household. We don’t usually go all out and gifts are mainly for the kids. They both get a little something each night.

This year the gift that excited them most was choosing new t-shirts from Threadless. Lucky for me, I was able to take advantage of Threadless Holiday Sale and buy the t-shirts for $10 each. Hurry up and you can too! The sale continues until Dec. 16.

I got my wish too! A brand new hot pink FinePix Z10 digicam. It’s nice and compact and designed especially for bloggers and other people into digital photo sharing. It comes in 7 flashy colours too. You can bet I’ll be snapping more of my shopping pics from now on. I even found a sleek pink case on sale at Black’s for $6.

As for Mr. Bargainista, he didn’t ask for much. Just some nice home cooked meals and a movie. Yes, I cooked for him but we haven’t seen the movie yet.

Enough about us, this week I’m turning the wishes over to you!
What are you wishing for this holiday season? Please let me know and leave a comment. You never know, maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will grant your wish too. ; )

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  1. That camera is great. I'm so very tempted by it...

    As for Christmas wishes...not much this year. I recently came to the realization that I have so much shit as it is, and adding more stuff will probably not make me any happier. So, I'm encouraging edible, shareable gifts this year.

  2. Alexandra, I hear you about the stuff but it's nice having a couple presents that last.

    I have Fujifilm to thank for the camera. I showed it to a few friends yesterday and they couldn't believe how small and lightweight it was. It's almost as small as my cellphone and easily fits into my small purse.

    I'm already learning how advantageous it is to have a camera with me while I shop (stay tuned for an upcoming Tip of the week). I'll be about to pimp my flickr account more too. ; )


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