Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dance with a dog or cozy up with a cat in 2008

I’m not a pet owner. I live in a small house and between parenting, working full-time and part-time social media endeavors including this blog, I don’t have much time left over for a cute, cuddly and furry four-legged addition to the family. As much as my kids would like a dog and/or a cat, they don’t really want the responsibility.

This time of year, many people think about giving pets as gifts without thinking about all the repercussions. After a couple days (or hours), the new owners/gift recipients realize they just aren’t cut out to own that new dog or cat and either give them to a wanting home or turn them over to the Toronto Humane Society. Some are also abandoned in our streets.

Fortunately, for those of you who want a new cat, dog or other pet and know you will be a responsible and caring pet owner, the Toronto Humane Society may have just the furry companion you’re looking for.

Last year, more than 700 animals were placed during the holiday season. This year, more animals need a home. Consider their Adopt a Pet program. You’ll need to qualify first. Although adopting a pet is free, donations are requested.

Want to help out but can’t own a pet right now? There are other ways to get involved as a volunteer and help out even if you can’t take a furry friend home.

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