Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Weekly Wish - winter pedicures made easy

Monday night four of us decided to forget the winter blahs and indulge in an evening of pampered fingers and toes at Cozy Nails. Three of us even spiced up our lives and went for the hard-core red polish.

Only one problem. Unlike the sandal days of summer, we had to put on socks and boots before leaving the shop. Since Cozy Nails is so customer-service oriented, they wrapped up our toes in appropriately-sized baggies and we were told to come back if we needed any touch-ups. One of my toes got a little bit smushed, so if I have time this weekend, I’ll go back and have it fixed.

Thanks to the ever-brilliant Connie, I learned a trio of ingenious sisters from New Jersey invented a boot to protect your post-pedicure tootsies in the winter. Bootie Pies are pedicure-friendly, lined suede boots with a toe flap. Think UGGS with a patent leather toe cap.

Bootie Pies look like regular winter boots but they’re special. They have removable toe caps. You put them on just before your toes are polished so you don’t have to wait at the spa until they are completely dry.

Bootie Pies are sold online for $128 U.S. and come in four basic colours. They’ll sure keep your feet a lot warmer than flip flops. Think fingerless gloves or only warmer. If it’s really cold outside, you can wear them with your Toes-eez.

As you probably know by know, I’m not a princess but when it comes to my hands and feet I like to be pampered all year round. So this week, I’m wishing for a pair of Bootie Pies, preferably in black but I’d settle for bayberry. So sisters, if you’re listening...

Special Shout Out
I can’t thank owners Jenny, John and the wonderful estheticians at Cozy Nails for staying open a bit later than normal and indulging me and my gal pals with a little TLC on an otherwise cold and blustery night.

I was also very flattered when I learned they are regular Bargainista readers. John monitors the web regularly for references to “Cozy Nails” – how impressive – with a little investigating, he realized I was the person behind the blog. ; )

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  1. Ohh, salons should sell those shoes, but I think I would giggle at the price tag and walk away...For $128 you're getting a boot - with the toes cut off. ;)
    I'd be more likley to go to Payless, get some shoes and pull out something sharp(not THAT crafty) to cut the toes off. More money left over for pedicures!

  2. Salons should sell those Bootie Pies and Toes-eez. As for me, I'd probably stick to the Toes-eez and hang around for my tootsies to dry. Except when I'm in a hurry like the other night, it's an opportunity for me to relax.

    On the other hand, if you figure out a way to make your own pedi-boots that's cheaper, let me know. They may come in handy. ;)


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