Monday, February 25, 2008

Kathleen Edwards is doing some good with an iPod

On March 4, Kathleen Edwards is releasing her next CD. Tomorrow, she’ll be donating the proceeds from the sale of an engraved iPod with her full catalogue on eBay to the Alica Ross memorial fund though Project Canoe.

Last I checked, there was a bid of $1,035.00! If you’re so inclined and have an extra $1,050 dollars or more lying around, you may want to get in on the action. It’s for a really good cause. A childhood friend of mine met a similar fate when we were about the same age as Alicia Ross. Tragic.

Junos weekend 2003, I shared an elevator with Kathleen Edwards at The Arc. At the time I barely knew who she was. I’m not that familiar with her music either but now I’m paying more attention.


  1. Wow! I'm jealous of the elevator ride share you had with Kathleen. She's an incredible musician.

    Nice to see her spreading more musical goodness : )

  2. It's an interesting way of brining attention to her new album. I sure her intent was good but I'm not convinced the timing isn't too self-serving. What do you think? I'm having a tough time with this one.

  3. Anonymous12:38 am

    that's just mean to say that it's self-serving. strangely enough, people do things for non-self-serving reasons sometimes. i know kathleen. she is very excited about this and has done all the work on it herself.

    if anything, she is using the build up around her new album to get more money for the charity.

  4. Lane, thanks for stopping by to clarify Katleen's intentions. I've heard she has a very grassroots approach to her music and hoped the same would be true for this fundraiser. In part, that's why I didn't raise the issue about her motives in the original blog post.

    Since the thought had crossed my mind, I decided to raise it here to see if someone would step in and set the record straight. (OMG! I can't believe I just wrote that - no pun intended.)

    I'm deeply sorry and thank you,



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