Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wrapping up week 1 on NutriSystem

Tamsin - no change
Eden - about 2 pounds

This week Tamsin shares her experiences from week 1 of the NutriSystem Challenge...

Well, the NutriSystem Challenge has certainly turned my regular menu planning upside down. It’s been pretty handy having the portable entrees, but a bit of a challenge to plan interesting choices for the the salad, protein, and fat servings ahead of time. I have a pretty busy schedule, so it is taking me some practise and a little imagination.

The first week has been all about tracking meals and trying to remember to fill my water bottle at every opportunity. How did I do in week 1? Well, I must come clean with some diversions: a premenstrual plate of homemade nachos on Friday and celebratory Indian dinner buffet at Siddhartha on Gerrard (I tried to choose dishes responsibly and had only 1 plate). The NutriSystem booklet gives you tips on what to order or avoid at different types of restaurants, so I knew to back away slowly from the butter chicken. ;)

I have been eating a dinner entrée for lunch and a lunch entrée for dinner, mostly because it keeps the hunger pangs at bay and works better for my schedule. While I haven’t tried everything yet, I have enjoyed the lasagna dinner (for 2 lunches this week), so I recommend them as pretty filling. The breakfast and lunch bars are very good, though the flavours are limited. I wonder how yummy they’ll be in a month...

For handy protein, I purchased a box of vegetarian (non-chicken) chicken breasts from the Presidents Choice Blue Menu line -- 24g protein for each 1/2 “breast”. They taste OK when baked, though there is a slight, mild seasoning on them. All in all, a good alternative to cottage cheese (my main protein choice) and probably not bad shredded in a salad.

I am enjoying logging my meals, though it’s more effort on the weekend. It keeps me conscious of everything – my water intake, the times when I eat, etc. For example, I thought I ate more veggies than I do; now I know that I need to amp up the veggie-factor!

Physical exercise is, of course, critical to losing weight. My exercise mostly comes from my part-time job: Teaching pole dancing at Aradia Fitness Uptown. Since last Thursday, I have taught 6 classes – not too bad.

I weighed myself this morning, and there’s no change. I’m not surprised, but I’m not discouraged either. I feel more aware of the logistics of applying the “system” to my everyday life. I feel more prepared for the coming weeks.


  1. Anonymous12:15 am

    Way to go!!
    And thanks for posting about this.

    Honestly? I was curious about NutriSystem - but every review I've read about it online says the food is horrid.

    So I'll be watching it closely! :)

    Go you guys!!

  2. Anonymous9:55 am

    geekmommy, thanks for stopping by.

    Actually, at first I was turned off by the food. Now I'm getting used to it and there are some things that are pretty good. Maybe I'm just hungry.;)

    We didn't get to pick our own food for the first month. Tamsin got the "Favorites" package and I got a modified version because I asked for lactose-free meals.

    For next month, we can customize our orders. Next week I'll write a post about my likes and dislikes.


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