Sunday, February 17, 2008

Keith Burtis’ social miracle will melt your heart

Keith Burtis is a professional wood turner and cabinetmaker with a big heart. He is an old-world craftsman who has embraced the new world technology by using twitter and his blog to create awareness for his wood-turning creations.

I “met” Keith on twitter. He lives in Snyder, NY. I’m looking forward to meeting him and his soon-to-be financĂ©e, Michelle, in person at PodCamp Toronto.

Keith was planning to make a final payment on his sweetheart Michelle’s engagement. He’s been planning on proposing to her on February 22 – the night before PodCamp Toronto. Unfortunately, he ran into some financial challenges. He’s not letting them get in the way.

On Valentine’s Day, Keith reached out to his twitter community asking for help. He asked his “friends” to consider purchasing one his bowls so he could earn $700 in a hurry for what he calls: “My Social Miracle”. Since then, Keith has been working practically round the clock and even customizing his creations. He’s adding each new item to his blog and keeping everyone up-to-date on his progress, including sales.

Everyone who has heard Keith’s story has been deeply touched. I’m betting he’ll surpass his goal – maybe even raise enough for a romantic dinner with Michelle at one of Toronto’s finest restaurants during their weekend getaway.

If this story touches you, consider buying one of his handmade bowls. Each one comes with it’s own photo documentary, two of his hand-turned exotic wood bottle stoppers and a $10 gift certificate for his future Etsy storefront. My sushi set is on order. ;)


  1. Bargainista (Eden) I want to thank you absolutely, 1,000 percent from the bottom of my heart. Your blog post helped push me over the edge in the last day or two of my "Social Miracle" I am flattered and honored to be a friend and recipient of your love and dedication to social media.

    It is now Friday February 21st and just a few minutes ago I was able to purchase the ring for my to be future wife.

    I can't tell you how elated I am and how excited I am to meet everyone that helped at Podcamp Toronto. Thank you again Eden.

    Sending Love -- Keith Burtis

  2. Keith,
    Thank you for letting me share this heartwarming story with others. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your future wife at PodCamp.

    I'll be thinking of the two of you tomorrow night.


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