Thursday, February 21, 2008

Second time lucky with the NutriSystem challenge

Tamsin - 2.5 pounds
Eden - 2.6 pounds (4.6 pounds lost to-date)

Other than progress, the one thing that I’ve been asked by readers, family and co-workers since I started the NutriSystem Challenge is: “How’s the food?”

Well, I’m not sure whether I’m hungrier now that before but it’s not bad. In fact, some meals are pretty darn good. Others I could do without. So without further ado, here’s my mini-review...

Favourite: Nutrisystem Apple Granola Bar, 8oz. skim milk lactaid, 1/2 banana

Dreaded: None. I haven’t been adventurous enough to try the NutriSystem powdered scrambled eggs and I’m not sure I will.

Favourite: NutriSystem Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, Salad with mesculun greens, baby spinach, raw mushrooms, radish slices, sliced eggs, no-fat dressing

Dreaded: NutriSystem Pasta with Beef. I’m lucky because I was only sent a couple of cans. I like their dinner pasta but I didn’t like this one at all.

Favourite: NutriSystem Wedged Potatoes with Sliced Beef Steak - this meal was by far the best I’ve tasted; mixed greens with sprinkle of red pepper, two grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, sliced olives (fat serving); two portions of steamed broccoli.

Dreaded: I’m sorry but I wouldn’t serve the Chicken Breast Patty to my worst enemy. If I had to guess how cat food tastes this would come pretty close. I couldn’t eat it and had a couple of pieces of the beef from the stir-fry I made for my family that night. In all fairness, my 9-year-old asked to try the chicken and liked it a lot.

Favourite: NutriSystem Chocolatey chips dipped in light peanut butter (fat serving). Yum yum! I’d like to know how it compares to the caramel popcorn but I haven’t seen any yet. Maybe next month.

Dreaded: None. I’m not crazy about the savoury treats. The pretzels were airy and bland. I’ve always preferred something sweet after dinner. The NutriSystem dinners are high in sodium so I’m not craving salty foods either.

Truthfully, I’ve been quite satisfied on the program and rarely felt hungry, except I’d really like a Montreal bagel once a week. I’m not sure why the NutriSystem guide provides a list of bread servings when we can’t add them to our meal plan anyway.


  1. Yay for you guys!
    You should give the eggs a try. Yes they look scary once you add water, but they actually taste just like eggs. I prefer them to some of the bars. Be warned though, if you have the eggs with cheese, the cheese doesn't melt.
    I haven't heard of that lunch one you don't like, but as I've said many times, I don't like most of the lunches.

  2. I probably will since I have about four containers of them. I just don't get the point since I can eat fresh eggs while sticking to the program. Thanks for the tip about the cheese. I'm very happy with the lunch bars but I'm not crazy about the other options.

    Keep up the good work.


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