Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekly Wish – Flipping out over Flip Video

Yes, I’m getting pretty excited about the Flip Video camera. It’s a compact digital video recorder that fits in the palm of your hand. Just plug it into your computer – there’s a built-in USB arm – download the video and upload it to your favorite video sharing site or send it to friends and family. Check out the specs.

So, what’s the big deal? Yes, I already have a digicam and it shoots video. Yes, that’s true but it doesn’t shoot 30- 60 minutes at a time. The Flip does. You can even connect it to your TV! Now that’s sweet and starting at $120, it’s a pretty good deal.

I don’t know about you but this is my new must-have accessory. So this week, you guessed it, I’m wishing for a Flip Video from the Ultra Series. The basic model doesn’t come in pink. ;)

Mitch Joel and David Usher used the Flip Video camera to produce this awesome Apple Macbook Air Sony Vaio Parody on YouTube. Watch it and let me know what you think:


  1. I saw the Flip video of Mitch a few months ago (he got the first model - the Ultra series are more cool). I almost buy it because it is cute, small and cheap. Finally, I bought a Sanyo Xacti CG6 because it produces a better sound and superior image quality. It is a tiny bit bigger (less tall but deeper). I know that Mitch and Debbie Weil like the Flip.

    If seeing well small details is not a major issue, the Flip Video is a winner to carry around with you all the times.

  2. Oh, now you've got me lusting after another product! I need to save me some money and buy one...right after I buy this typewriter, of course.

  3. Kim, I think I'll need to check with you before I buy any new gadgets. You always have good advice about the latest tech goodies. ;)

    Vasta, So funny. I used to have one of those. LOL!

  4. oooooh this looks so interesting!

  5. I would be interesting in getting one of those Flip video cams, but have been unable to find a shop in Canada (specifically, Toronto) that sells one. Are you aware of any?

  6. Hey Anon Emous (hehe),
    Thanks for stopping by. As far as I know there are no stores in Toronto (or Canada) selling the Flip Video cameras - at least not yet.

    You'd need order it online directly from the manufacturer or purchase it online or in person from a U.S. retailer carrying the line.


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