Monday, June 23, 2008

Beauty, Bling & Bubbly helps Habitat for Humanity

Last week Cake and Foxy teamed up and hosted a Beauty, Bling & Bubbly fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity at The Boiler House in the Distillery District. Cake, Foxy at discount prices with proceeds going to a great cause, I couldn’t resist. Zoe, Rayanne and Michael came along with me and we did a bit of shopping and watched hoards of women going crazy.

I bought some Jungle Lemon Tart scented bath and shower “froth” and Desserted Island scented moisturizing body glaze. The latter worked wonders in the bath for my aching hip (it had be tormented by a sports med specialist a few hours earlier). We got some pink Glacéau Vitamin Water and pink shopping bag swag too.

Zoe, the video ninja couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell our story visually. Check out her awesome video!

Did you go to Beauty, Bling & Bubbly? What did you think? Buy anything?

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  1. thanks for the linkback! I had a blast and I am loving the body scrub I bought.

    How did you find that vitamin water? I thought it was so sweet, I had to cut it with more

    can't wait to go shopping with you again :)



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