Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smart Set’s fashion & sourcing director gives me a wardrobe suggestion

A while ago, I was asked to participate in a project for Smart Set. They wanted me to help them launch their new brand and fashionatplay.ca – “a site demonstrating one of the key principles of the brand – that Smart Set is a place where fashion lovers can mix, match and accessorize ’til their heart’s content”.

For participating, they’d send me a $75 Smart Set gift card. To be honest, I hadn’t stepped into a Smart Set since I was about 14 but I’m open-minded and accepted the offer. Besides, I’d be nuts to turn down free clothes and $75 goes a long way at Smart Set.

My assignment: send in a photo of a clothing item in my wardrobe that defines me. In addition to the gift card, Smart Set’s Fashion & Sourcing Director, Lindy Omassi would put together an outfit just for me.

No brainer – I sent in a photo of my new black pants.

Lindy suggested the following:
Belted striped blazer - $50
Wood necklace - $16

I breezed through the store one day and saw the blazer on display. It was cute but not sure it’s what I’m going to by with my $75. What do you think?

I think I may hold out for a bit. You see, I need new jeans and Smart Set has partnered with Parasuco for a new line they’re introducing this summer. I also really like the purple top they’ve partnered with black pants on fashionatplay.ca. I’ll be sure to let you know what I buy with my gift card. Stay tuned.

Check out Smart Set’s Facebook fan page and/or download the Fashion Cube application, just make sure to have your photo ready if you wanna play.


  1. I think the jacket's cute.

    I'm a big fan of smart set. I like most of their clothes and I find that they fit me well and that for the price, the quality is pretty good. Plus they have good sales.

  2. Andrea, thanks for your comment. Yes, Smart Set's price points are very reasonable and the quality is pretty decent for the price. I've been noticing they've had different promos every week. I'll try the jacket but I'd also like to see how far I can get that $75 to go. I could really use a new sundress and/or some shorts too.

  3. I agree with Andrea, I love that jacket! I might even be tempted to go to Smart Set myself (I also haven't shopped there in eons!)

  4. Black pants was a very wise choice because almost anything looks great with them. I'm excited to see what you end up buying. And--absolutely--buy all you can! You're right, the money goes a long way.

    BTW--I'm glad you were able to get your pants fixed. I'm sure they look great with flats (even if Julie R. thinks we shouldn't be wearing them! Haha.)!

  5. Mamaluv, I'm definitely going to try on the jacket. For the price point, I'm not sure you can beat Smart Set for basics.

    Rayanne, What does Julie R. say about flats? If you read her shopping posts, you'll see she shops at stores like Talbots. (Boring). What does she know. ;)

  6. i'm very curious to see the new jeans at Smart Set. I really liked parasuco when I was younger and they fit me well.

  7. I had a quick look at the jeans last weekend but didn't have time to shop. They were already on sale. I saw a two great pair in a magazine but they weren't in the store yet - I'm waiting!

  8. I think that jacket looks great--I like the styling, especially the tie at the waist and the buttoned sleeves, and paired with the wooden necklace look very put together.

    But, I am all for buying what you need before getting extras. If you need jeans, shorts, etc., then go for those first. Can you find smart walking shorts to go with that jacket? Just a thought.

  9. Connie, I like the way you think. I actually have some walking shorts that might work well with that jacket. I'll take a second look.

    As for the jeans, I'm still interested in the wide-leg Parasucos. Who knows, at Smart Set prices with a $75 gift card in hand, I may get both.


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