Monday, June 30, 2008

Dear Bargainista #15 - buying a laptop bag

C. from Montreal writes:
I’m hoping to get over to Queen West to see my old place(s) and go shopping for a laptop bag when I’m in Toronto next week. You’d be appalled (simply appalled!!) that whenever I go out I just shove the thing in an ancient tote bag. I heard Crumpler was good. If you have any inside tips, I’m all ears!!

Take care. Hope all is well there!!
Dear C.,

I bought my first laptop (a macbook) in November and it doesn’t leave the house much. I just got a new laptop bag so I’ll be able to take it with me to events. (Yay!) I cheated though. Kate Trgovac gave me a two laptop bags that she reviewed on Squidoo.

Check out her Squidoo laptop bag lens. It held the number #1 spot on the entire site for quite some time and is still one of the top lenses.

The one I use one most often is from Flicka. It has big pink flowers and the black background. It’s great for conferences because it has a front pocket I can use to hold all the stuff I would otherwise carry in my purse.

I also have another laptop bag (that doubles as a sleeve) from Skooba Design. Check out Kate’s other Squidoo lens about laptop sleeves. Until last weekend, it was a blank canvas. Now it has a wonderful illustration on the front and some other interesting stuff. Stay tuned for an upcoming post with the details.

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  1. Thanks for all the link love, Eden! (Note .. small typo in the url for my laptop bag lens).

    Coincidentally, for your question-asker's interest, I was just contacted by Crumpler and will be doing a review of a couple of their bags in a month or so. That may be too long for C to wait, so here's what I have experienced with Crumpler bags vicariously through friends:

    - Great colour palette.

    - Super sturdy, long-lasting bags.

    - Most Crumplers do not have an outside pocket.

    - Those that close with Velcro are very LOUD on the re-opening. Combine this with the lack of outside pockets and you may never get into your bag except during a rock concert. :)

    So, when you're shopping for a bag, make sure you take things like the outside pocket into consideration. Some people that may not matter to; for me, it's a deal-breaker.

    I'm looking forward to seeing if their new styles change either of the two (perceived) flaws above b/c other than that, they really are great quality bags.

    Cheers ... k

  2. Anonymous10:49 am

    The velcro may be super loud (it gets quieter as the bag gets older) but I LOVE my Crumpler(s). Trendy, comfortable, spacious, and just perfect for my MB Pro. Recommended for sure.

  3. Kate, thanks for catching the link error, it's fixed. I'm looking forward to your review of Crumpler bags. I'd b happy to check out any of your rejects. ;)

    Vasta, thanks for sharing your experience with a Crumpler bag. I'll definitely need to check one out.

    I have started writing my post about the Skooba bag but as part of the post-PAB letdown it's been a challenging one to write. I hope to post it later this week.


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